FAA issues final policy on the use of airport hangars

The FAA’s final policy on the non-aeronautical use of airport hangars appears in the June 15th edition of the  Federal Register and will take effect on July 1, 2017.

The FAA is issuing the policy to clarify how aviation facilities — including hangars — can be used on airports that receive federal funds. The final policy strikes a balance between hangar use for aviation and non-aviation purposes, according to FAA officials.

“The policy ensures hangars are available when there is an aviation need, and if demand is low, allows hangars to be used for non-aviation activities,” FAA officials said in a prepared release.

“The FAA recognizes that non-aviation hangar space rental allows airport sponsors to be economically independent when hangars are not being used to fulfill aviation needs,” the release continued.

Airport sponsors must receive approval from the FAA before hangars can be used for non-aviation purposes.

In addition, the policy outlines the type of aircraft that can be built in a hangar, the equipment and items that can be stored in hangars, and the role of the airport sponsors to ensure tenants pay fair market value for hangar space.

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